Pluspager has everything you need
to get your business online.

With our enhanced features, you can build a website for your small business or collaborate with your team and clients.


Create a professional website with Pluspager

  • Single or multiple page websites

    Start with a one page website and grow the site as you need.

  • Email newsletters

    Let your visitors sign up for your email newsletter by giving you their email address. From your dashboard, you can create and send emails to your subscribers. Or, you can export their addresses as a CSV.

  • Email forms

    Create forms for your visitors to fill out and set which email address you'd like them to be sent to.

  • PDF downloads

    Add PDFs to your site for your visitors to download.

  • Image galleries

    Upload your images to use in as many photo galleries as you'd like.

  • Audio & video

    Add content from YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and Spotify to your site.

  • Feeds

    Show your Twitter or an RSS feed in your site with the Feed module.

  • Add custom HTML with an iFrame

    Want to include code from another site? Use the iFrame module. Endless possibilities!

  • Call-to-action buttons

    Add large buttons which encourage your users to interact with them.

  • Business hours

    Using Pluspager for your business? Show the hours you're open in our search engine friendly Hours module.

  • Contact information

    Add your location, phone, email and other contact information using the Contact module. It's Google, Bing, and Yahoo friendly, so people will find your info more easily across the web.

  • Add a map

    Show your location using a Google Map. You'll find it in the Contact module.

  • Show off social media

    Add links to your social media profiles using the Social module and stay connected with your users everywhere.


Worry-free hosting & 99.9% server uptime

  • Rock Solid Hosting

    Pluspager websites are served from our dedicated cloud hosting environment. You'll never need to worry about setting up a hosting account or wonder whether your site is accessible.

  • Images & File storage

    All of Pluspager's pricing plans come with genereous storage space for your images and PDF downloads.

  • Unlimited bandwidth

    Never worry about network transfer when your site gets popular. Pluspager offers unlimited bandwidth with all of our pricing plans.

  • Automatic updates

    Never worry about updating to the latest version of Pluspager. Every release and improvement is automatically applied to your account.

  • Support

    Need help with your Pluspager? We're always available online and via email or phone to assist whenever you need.


Advanced features for professional websites

  • Custom domains

    Purchase a custom domain through us or connect one you already own.

  • Search engine optimized code

    Every Pluspager is built using the latest HTML5 standards and are search engine friendly.

  • Email accounts

    Want to set up an email account on your domain? Let us know and we'll get you set up at no additional charge.

  • Passcode protected

    Add a passcode to limit access to your site. Only people you give your passcode to will be able to access your site.

  • Website analytics

    Track how your site is performing by using the built in analytics in the dashboard. Want to take it further? Easily add a Google Analytics tracking code.


Your website on mobile devices

  • Fully responsive design

    All Pluspager sites are responsive, which means it looks great on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. You never have to worry if your site looks good on your visitor's device.

  • Click-to-call

    Encourage visitors on mobile devices to call your phone number by activating "Click-to-Call". Users are one button tap away from reaching out to you.

  • High resolution ready

    Pluspager themes are automatically optimized for high resolution displays like Apple Retina screens.


Simple ecommerce with Pluspager

  • Sell products or collect payments

    Sell your digital or physical product. It's a quick and easy way to sell a few items through your site.

  • Powered by PayPal

    Prefer to use PayPal for transactions? Just link to a PayPal payment page by using the Button module.

  • Showcase your product

    Use a photo gallery or a video to show off your product. Add as many as you'd like.


Premium themes & customizable designs

  • Professionally designed themes

    Choose from dozens or great looking themes for your site. Modify a theme however you'd like and call it your own.

  • Custom CSS

    Want to modify the code that handles the styles of your site? Pluspager gives you the control and allows you to preview it instantly.

  • Rounded corners

    Use rounded or squared off corners for your content background.

  • 30+ Webfonts

    Go beyond Arial and Times New Roman. Choose from dozens of beautiful webfonts from Google.

  • Add your logo

    Upload your company's logo and give your site a strong brand presence.

  • Backgrounds

    Upload a full-sized image for your site's background or use a tiled pattern.

  • Custom favicon

    Choose an icon to display in the address bar when someone's viewing your site.

Multiple Sites

Manage multiple websites & multiple users

  • Build multiple sites

    Under one account, build as many sites as you need. You can manage all sites from one view in your dashboard.

  • Create multiple users

    Want to add more users to your account? You can do that and set the sites they have access to.

  • Manage users permissions

    Individually set the sites each user has access to. You can change them at any time.

  • White label & Rebrand

    Want to give your customers access to your Pluspager account to manage their site? With a multiple site plan, you can do it discreetly and hide the Pluspager branding.

  • Flexible plans

    Choose from different numbers of site limits, depending on your need. Bigpager plans can grow as you need. You can also contact us about custom pricing.

Start Building

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